UFC's Andrea Lee defends husband's swastika tattoo: He got it in prison

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The husband of UFC star Andrea Lee has come under fire after a photo of him emerged on social media exposing his swastika tattoo.

Lee posted a snap of the pair together at a lake, and the Twittersphere quickly noticed the pro-Nazi ink on Donny Aaron’s left arm.

It's just a Nazi tattoo. You "sensitive ass mofos." pic.twitter.com/RbQ6A6BHi6

— JE Snowden (@JESnowden) June 2, 2018

On Saturday, Aaron also addressed the controversy, calling his tattoo a “20-year-old mistake” in a tweet. He also said his ink doesn’t define him and if it was possible, he would get it removed.

Thank you. That’s what I’ve tried to do is reinvent my life. My scars bring this up from time to time but my tattoos don’t define who I am ppl say get it covered or removed. Trust me if this were possible I would. However it would end up looking even more red neck than it does. https://t.co/o02zuhibQJ

— Donny Aaron (@outlawmuaythai) June 2, 2018

Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee’s husband has a swastika tattooed on his forearm. pic.twitter.com/NTntH0paRr

— Flyin’ Brian J (@FlyinBrianJ) June 2, 2018

There were also suggestions Aaron had a double lighting bolt — the symbol of the SS, the Nazi military force — tattooed on his right arm.

Unsurprisingly, Aaron and Lee got heat on social media.

If your excuse is you got a racist tattoo in prison well I’m gonna let you in on a secret they have tattoo shops here on the outside that can cover them up

— Ryan Loco (@RyanLoco) June 2, 2018

Yuck. UFC has a lot of ugliness just under the surface. https://t.co/9NJTUcErBz

— JE Snowden (@JESnowden) June 2, 2018

Lee is the No. 12-ranked flyweight contender and has a 9-2 record. She is a former flyweight champion in MMA promotion LFA.

Her last fight was a unanimous points decision win over Veronica Macedo at a UFC Fight Night on May 19.

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