Brian Stelter skewered after bragging CNN skipped Trump rally: ‘You're settling for last place agai

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter was ridiculed for tweeting that his network didn’t air Trump’s rally.

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter was ridiculed for tweeting that his network didn’t air Trump’s rally.

CNN’s in-house media magpie Brian Stelter was ridiculed Wednesday night after bragging on Twitter that his network didn’t air President Trump’s rally in Duluth, Minn. which occurred hours after he signed an executive order to end the separation of families who cross the border illegally.

“As expected, the only cable newsers carrying tonight's Trump rally are Fox News and Fox Biz,” Stelter tweeted with a photo of the Fox News coverage.

As expected, the only cable newsers carrying tonight's Trump rally are Fox News and Fox Biz. pic.twitter.com/pTvHJntg42

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) June 20, 2018

“President speaks on day of a major story development; and the nation's hall monitor prides self on not covering it,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld tweeted, and Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera responded, “That doesn’t make them wrong.”

But it wasn’t only Fox stars tweaking Stelter’s tweet. The CNN media reporter was, as the kids say, “ratioed,” which is when negative comments far outnumber the likes and retweets on a particular tweet.

A confused follower asked, “As expected? Cable news is 24/7. Why would you not broadcast a Presidential rally?”

Lol why does @brianstelter even have a Twitter account… Literally every comment is somebody trolling him, and for good reason… If I was @cnn i’d ask him to delete his account, it definitely does not further their propaganda agenda

— Cut Through The BS (@CommonSenseGuy8) June 21, 2018

So you're settling for last place again? Awesome!

— STEALTH JEFF (@drawandstrike) June 21, 2018

How are CNN's ratings doing lately, Brian?

— Gavin Busby (@gavinbusby) June 21, 2018

Yeah, we wouldn’t want @cnn or @brianstelter to cover actual news. Well, no real worry there...

— Philosoraptor (@Sonofphilosophy) June 21, 2018

More fake news - @OANN covered it.

— Scott ???????? ☘️ (@sglyddon) June 21, 2018

So, as a reporter, you felt it worthy of your "talents" to report on the bias of the MSM? Thanks!

We appreciate the honesty (for once) coming from a CNN operative. Er, I mean, "journalist".

— Libs Are Mental (@graphixpro1) June 21, 2018

Brian, so it's okay for a news org to only cover that with which their reporters agree? When did journalistic ethics start teaching that news orgs only report one side instead of all? When did they start teaching reporters to show bias? #HackNews #FakeNews & it's why you fail.

— Lorna Frojd (@lornafrojd) June 21, 2018

CNN should have aired it, it would be the first real news they've run in 2 years.

— #STEPdownNOW - PELOSI, gift that keeps GIVING! (@immike22) June 21, 2018

You burnt us out with Stormy, Stormy, Stormy.

— Mr P (@cponce) June 21, 2018

Because God forbid CNN show people SUPPORTING our President

— JulieG (@fjisback) June 21, 2018

Another user responded, “Why isn’t CNN covering the President? Couldn’t you get @Acosta to stand in the crowd & scream questions at him?”

Mocking the low ratings of CNN was a common theme, as CNN typically finishes behind MSNBC in most measurables. One user responded, “So you're settling for last place again? Awesome!”

“Some news organizations like folks to hear what our President has to say... unfiltered and unedited,” one user responded while dozens mocked CNN as “fake news,” a term Trump uses when describing the network on a regular basis.  

Other responses to Stelter’s tweet included messages such as “it would trigger your viewers, they aren't used to truth,” “Unlike CNN, we like to see our President,” “no one watches you” and “maybe you should try doing real news?”

Ironically, the crowd at Trump’s Duluth rally erupted into chants of “CNN sucks” at one point. While Trump held his rally, CNN’s coverage included Bernie Sanders complaining about the Trump administration and CNN correspondent Jason Carroll reporting on the “mental anguish” children can suffer when being separated from their parents.

Earlier this month, Stelter was mocked for his responses to a tweet President Trump sent regarding media speculation over first lady Melania Trump’s recent absence from the public eye after he was called out for hypocrisy.

“The Fake News Media has been so unfair, and vicious, to my wife and our great First Lady, Melania. During her recovery from surgery they reported everything from near death, to facelift, to left the W.H. (and me) for N.Y. or Virginia, to abuse. All Fake, she is doing really well!” Trump tweeted.

Stelter quoted the president’s tweet and wrote, “Trump is conflating random Twitter commenters with ‘the media’ here. A common tactic of bad faith critics. But disappointing to see POTUS do it.”

Media watchdogs quickly reminded everyone that Stelter helped push the narrative that the first lady was “missing in action” in the first place.

Stelter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Brian Flood covers the media for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter at @briansflood.






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