The New York Times seeks 'awkward,' 'troubling' sex stories from readers with erotic hotline

The New York Times is seeking “stories about sex that was troubling or awkward, hilarious or profound."

The New York Times is seeking “stories about sex that was troubling or awkward, hilarious or profound."

All the sex that's fit to print?

The New York Times is seeking “stories about sex that was troubling or awkward, hilarious or profound” from its readers and even set up a hotline so fans of the Gray Lady can share their intimate tales.

The Times’ official Twitter account has sent numerous bizarre messages over the past week asking for erotic details of sexual encounters from its readers.

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“We’re looking for stories about sex that was troubling or awkward, hilarious or profound. Leave us a voicemail sharing your experience: (212) 556-8300,” the Times tweeted on Thursday night.

The curious tweet accompanied a link to a June 21 article headline, ‘(Mis)communicating Sex: Leave Us a Voice Mail With Your Story.”

The article began, “Sometimes, we leave sex thinking, “What exactly just happened?” The paper apparently wants to know about the sexual encounters of readers for “multiple projects,” including a podcast.

“Are you a young person who had an intimate experience that was anything but intimate? Divorced and confused after a night with someone you met on a freshly downloaded dating app? Married and have that thing you just never talk about? Or perhaps you’re in your 80s and can tell us a story that exemplifies how sexual communication has changed since the first time you had sex,” the Times wrote in the un-bylined story.

The Times even used a bold font to inform readers that it wants to hear from “people of all ages, races, gender identities, sexualities and abilities.” The esteemed paper said the point of the project is “to bring our inner voices out, shedding light on where communication about sex breaks down and why.”

The Gray Lady said that any voicemail left on the hotline could be played on a podcast, but promised not to publish anyone’s contact information.

Earlier this week, Times’ former executive editor Jill Abramson slammed the paper for making “horrible mistakes left and right” in an email to The Daily Beast. Among the mistake recognized by Abramson was a “horrible” expose that said its own reporter, Ali Watkins, was reportedly dating at least two potential sources.

“That story hung a 26-year-old young woman out to dry. It was unimaginable to me what the pain must be like for her,” Abramson said.

The paper is currently investigating Watkins’ conduct pertaining to an affair with former Senate Intelligence Committee aide James A. Wolfe, who was recently accused by federal prosecutors of lying about leaks of sensitive information to journalists. The indictment strongly suggested he was a source for Watkins and others, though Watkins reportedly has denied using her relationship for scoops. 

Perhaps Watkins should call the sex hotline and share her story.

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