Illegal River Gravel Extractions Takes Its Toll In Mosi River

Illegal River Gravel Extractions Takes Its Toll In Mosi River Gravel extraction by SSS Investment at Mosi River, Nadi. Photo: Deptfo News

Illegal river gravel extractions continue to be a problem affecting many river systems around the country with the Mosi River in Nadi being the latest case.

During a monthly inspection by the Department of Mineral Resources, illegal extraction of gravel by SSS Investment was spotted as the company does not have a licence from the Department of Lands to extract gravel.

The Lands Department is the authority which issues licences for such river gravel and sand extraction.

There have been many reports of illegal extractions with a recent complaint leading to the confiscation of equipment of HRF Investment on January 4, 2018.

Further investigations on the issue will be conducted with the inclusion of all relevant stakeholders.

The villagers of Yavuna have been advised by the inspection team to report any future illegal activities to the ministry.

The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources through its monitoring by the Environment Division continues to raise public awareness on river resources ownership and its sustainable management to ensure that benefits reach the resource owners within the legal process.

For any illegal river gravel extraction activities, the public is advised to report the matter to the Acting Director Lands, on email – [email protected] or telephone contact 3313555.

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