Party Policy Clash

Party Policy Clash From left:Tui Nadi Ratu Vuniyani Navuniuci, Tui Vuda Ratu Eparama Kitione Tavaiqia, SODELPA Party leader Sitiveni Rabuka and Vijay Singh cut the cake to launch the two websites for SODELPA at Viseisei village in Vuda on February 9, 2018. Photo: Lusi Banuve

SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka has contradicted general secretary Adi Litia Qionibaravi’s statement on the party’s social media policy.

Mr Rabuka said yesterday SODELPA “does not have any social media policy.”

But Adi Litia had said a few days earlier that the “party has a social media policy.”

Mr Rabuka was questioned yesterday whether the party had a social media policy during the launch of the party’s two new websites at Viseisei, Vuda, to guide supporters, members and candidates.

He said they did not have any such guideline in place.

“As a Party we don’t have policy or guideline in place for our candidates to follow. People should use their conscience. People should ask themselves whether what they are about to say or write is all right with their conscience. I practise that. I ask myself whether what I’m about to say is okay.

“This party is about peace and bringing about transparency and accountability.”

But Adi Litia had told the Fiji Sun on February 7: “SODELPA has a media policy which candidates and  party members including volunteers are expected to comply with.  The policy, approved by the Management Board, will be included in our website when launched.”

But no social media policy was included in the website launch.

Mr Rabuka said his party was going into the election to win and to put in place a Government that will be of sound judgement and practice.

“We are united in our belief that Fiji needs strong leadership and a transparent and accountable Government.”

The two websites, Mr Rabuka said, would help spread the work and agenda of the party.

“The website launch today is an important milestone in our preparations towards the 2018 general election.”

He said having the websites was essential and that social media remained a space where the people could freely express themselves.

Mr Rabuka said that in this day and age, going digital was the way to contest the elections.

“Digital technology has become important in our societies, in our nation and in the world.

“For SODELPA the digital age is a new frontier in the battle for the hearts and minds of the people.”


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