Lau, Kadavu And Lomaiviti Schools Advised To Close Tomorrow

Lau, Kadavu And Lomaiviti Schools Advised To Close Tomorrow

The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts has advised schools in the Lau, Kadavu and Lomaiviti Group to close operation tomorrow, Tuesday, 13 February 2018.

 School Heads for schools in other parts of Fiji are advised to monitor the situation with caution and use own discretion in consultation with the District Office in worse case scenarios.

While the weather may be clear and fine here in Suva, we need to be reminded that Tropical Cyclone Gita is currently gaining momentum in Tonga and has developed to a Category 3 storm with future forecast to intensify to Category 4 tonight. Current trend shows that TC Gita will move towards Southern Lau tomorrow and further intensifying to Category 4. This would result in damaging force winds over most of the Lau group including Kadavu.

School Heads and Management must be warned to take all necessary precautions:

  • All loose structures should be fastened and any overhanging tree branches should be trimmed
  • Temporary shelters should be dismantled and materials stored away safely
  • Emergency kit (batteries, torch, matches, candle, solar light, knife, rope, transistor radio, mobile phone, boots, rain coat, first aid kit, dry rations etc.) should be on stand-by
  • Water tanks should be filled and secured properly
  • All shutters should be placed over windows and doors, and other openings to be sealed off properly
  • Schools with boats should be moored safely on dry and raised areas
  • For boarding schools, root crops should be trimmed
  • All students should remain indoors in safe houses with supervision of teachers

If need be, students are to stay home under the care of parents and must not be allowed to play outside on open grounds. As the seas will be very rough, all are advised against sea transportation.

All parents, teachers and students are advised to cautiously monitor the weather situation and make prudent decision for safety reasons.


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