Parents Lament Loss Of Only Son

Parents Lament Loss Of Only Son Sabun Nisha holding a photo of her late son, Mohammed Talim, at their home in Vatulaulau,Ba on March 02,2018. Photo: Karalaini Tavi

For  parents to lose their only son is not only heartbreaking, but something that Mohammed Tamiq and Jabun Nisha of Vatulaulau of Ba are still struggling to accept.

Mohammed Talim, 29, died on Thursday after the motorbike he was travelling on hit an oncoming vehicle driven by a 68-year-old, retiree of Navatu, Ba.

Mr Talim, the youngest of five siblings, was a crane operator for Four R Electrical Limited in Ba.

His dad, Mohammed Tamiq said his late son was an experienced driver and he always loved his family very much.

Mr Tamiq added his late son was very close to him and he was the best son any father could ask for.

“Talim was hardworking and his love for motor bikes grew with him from an early age,” he said

“He was always with me and my wife, and he enjoyed playing around and being the youngest he was always taken care of and loved by us.”

“It will be very hard to find a loving son like him.”

Uncle, Mohammed Shamim said Mr Talim was an experienced driver and they were still coming to terms with his loss.

“This is still unbelievable, Talim began driving when he was very young, his father bought his first bike at the age of ten and ever since then his love for motor vehicles grew,” Mr Shamim said.

He was competitive and loved sports, especially horse racing and we will miss him very much.”


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