Clients Top Priority, Lawyers Told

Clients Top Priority, Lawyers Told

If they cannot come to us, we must go to them and we shall leave no one behind, says, the Acting Director for Legal Aid Commission, Shaheen Ali.

He was speaking during the opening of the commission’s customer service workshop at Suvavou House, in Suva, yesterday.

The one-day workshop attracted 129 personnel from all the branches nationwide and they were trained by the general manager for corporate services, Kameli Batiweti.

Mr Ali told participants that while access to justice in principle was essential, how persons awere actually able to access the commission’s legal services  was more important, especially a person with disability.

He said there had been times where the officers had visited clients and members of the public at their residences or in hospitals because they were not able to make it to their office due to reasons of old age, ill-health, or they have difficulty with mobility or are bed-ridden.

“When we have fulfilled our clients’ wishes, it’s the tears of happiness and the blessing that they give  us in return that assures us that we have made a difference in the lives of those who would otherwise not be able to have their final wishes fulfilled. That is what keeps us going,” Mr Ali said.

He reminded each personnel working for the commission that he or she was customer service officer.

“Every day, you provide a service to someone, and your level of customer service must not be a compromised nor should you be selective in how you treat your customers,’’ Mr Ali said.

“You must adhere to the values of the Legal Aid Commission and you must always ensure that you provide a service which is professional, efficient and it must be quality-based.

“The commission is a major stakeholder in the justice sector and our role has never been more demanding and the expectation from the public and other stakeholders had never been more challenging than what it is today.’’


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