Prasad’s Health Motion Defeated

Prasad’s Health Motion Defeated National Federation Party leader, Biman Prasad.

The motion moved by the National Federation Party Member of Parliament Biman Prasad yesterday to approve the formation of a bipartisan committee was defeated in Parliament.

Mr Prasad said the committee was to conduct an inquiry into the public health and medical system.

Mr Prasad added that the report of such an inquiry was to be tabled, debated and adopted by Parliament and to form the basis of the formulation of policies and strategies by the Government to improve the delivery of health care and medical services.

After a lively debate, the motion was defeated with 28 voting against, 15 voted in favour while seven opted not to vote.

In response, the Minister for Health and Medical Services, Rosy Akbar, said the motion had no merit.

Ms Akbar said the ministry had already invested in developing a National Health Strategic Plan and reviewed the public health and medical services plan through collaboration with the stakeholders.

She said the comprehensive plan covered the targeted areas to provide a robust service delivery through the enhancement of the public health system and programmes.

“Substantial evaluation along with direct input from various stakeholders have been incorporated to devise the National Health Strategic Plan outlining the overall approach of the Ministry.

“Work is already in progress to implement this plan.”


  • Fiji now has child immunisation coverage rates that are among the best in the world – as high as 98 per cent according to one recent survey. That means our children are protected against deadly and disabling diseases.
  • Maternal mortality rate – mothers dying during childbirth – was lower in 2016 than at any time during the current century.
  • The amputation rates for diabetic foot ulcers reduced by more than two-thirds between 2011 and 2016 – a reflection of better care and support for people affected by diabetes.
  • Five out of every six girls in year 8 are now immunised against the human papilloma virus which is a major cause of cervical cancer – itself one of the major killers of women in our country.
  • Smoking rates among both males and females is lower than that of most other Pacific countries.


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