LTA hires officers to monitor e-ticketing, bus services

LTA hires officers to monitor e-ticketing, bus services

Land Transport Authority has hired 95 project officers to monitor enforcement of e-ticketing on the country’s public buses.

These 95 project officers will be deployed at the various bus stands and bus stops to check passengers’ e-transport cards, and driver/passenger conduct towards the e-ticketing system.

Apart from this, the officers will also be tasked to create awareness programmes, handle passenger, driver and other bus industry stakeholders’ concerns and provide regular feedback to them.

Fourteen of these officers will be deployed in the Northern Division as far as Taveuni, while 20 officers will be in the Western Division and 61 officers will be posted to the Central/Eastern division.

Additionally, these officers will also be onboard both, the express and stage bus services.

LTA Board chairman Vijay Maharaj said having recruited these officers to monitor the e-ticketing system showed that LTA is committed towards enabling the cashless system in public transport which is in line with the government’s vision.

He said this would bring more confidence among the e-ticket users.

LTA is also urging members of the public to support the implementation of the e-ticketing system and report any associated disruption.

“LTA is making every effort to ensure that stakeholders become friendly to the system.  Any complaints regarding the system can be made through free SMS on the number 582 or call LTA toll free line 0800 334 2886 or email at [email protected] for redress,” Mr Maharaj said.

The LTA noted that more than 450,000 bus travellers have adjusted to the new system.

For the month of January this year, 41 traffic infringement notices have already been issued for failure to comply with the Electronic Fare Ticketing Act.


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