Bullets ‘Belong To RFMF’

Bullets ‘Belong To RFMF’

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces is to investigate what has been described as the laxity in processes that led to the discovery of military-grade ammunition on the roadside at Lautoka.

This has been confirmed by RFMF Chief of Staff Brigadier-General Ro Jone Kalouniwai.

A bag containing ammunition was found along the Navula Road Junction in Lautoka two Fridays ago (May 18) by a 54-year-old man.

The man found a garbage bag containing a green pouch with 1 x 30 rounds and two loose calibre 5.56mm bullets and reported the matter to the Police.

Earlier, Brigadier-General Ro Jone confirmed that all the ammunition in the military armoury was accounted for and nothing had been reported missing from their inventory.

Brigadier-General Ro Jone said he received the investigation report on Thursday afternoon, which confirmed that the ammunition belong to the RFMF.

“We can confirm that the ammunition belongs to the RFMF.

“The lot numbers that are on the base of the rounds match the inventory that we have at the RFMF,” Brigadier-General Ro Jone said.

He said the next phase of the investigation was to identify which camp the ammunition came from.

“We believe that the ammunition might have come from the Lautoka camp. We have also started with ensuring that the security is tight at the armoury.

“The board of inquiry will look into the process to try and see how we can rectify the issue.

“The next step for us is to determine the process of the issuing of the ammunition like where it was brought from,” Brigadier-General Ro Jone said.

“We want to solve the process first and try to tighten up security before we look into who may have lost the ammunition, which will come later on. The more immediate part is to try and see if there was some laxity in the process.”






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