Student, 7, Dies After Being Hit by a Twin Cab Close to Home

Student, 7, Dies After Being Hit by a Twin Cab Close to Home Josaia Boseiwaqa holding the picture of his late grandson, Josua Boseiwaqa, who lost his life during a car accident in Natabua, Lautoka, on May 29, 2018. Photo: Peni Komaisavai

Josua Boseiwaqa said goodbye to his grand­father yesterday as he normally did every morn­ing before going to school.

It was his last goodbye.

The seven-year-old stu­dent of St Thomas Primary School usually got off the bus in front of their drive­way after school.

But yesterday he disem­barked at a bus stop just outside the Fiji National University (FNU) Lautoka Campus near the Police post at Natabua Road, 300 metres from home.

That was when he was run over by a twin cab. It is be­lieved he died on the spot.

His families and friends were shocked after hearing the news.

His grandfather, Josaia Bo­seiwaqa, said the last time he saw his grandson was when everyone was leaving for school and work.

“That was the last time I saw him and I still cannot believe that would also be the last for me to see him,” Mr Boseiwaqa said.

He learned of his grand­son’s death from the Police.

“All I could hear was, we have some bad news, that was when I thought to my­self that something was wrong. They told me that it was my grandson. I was shocked, heartbroken and I just could not believe what I was hearing.”

Josua, was a Year 2 stu­dent.

“Today (yesterday) of all days was different because usually after school he would get off right in-front of our drive-way, but today he got off at the bus-stop just outside the Lautoka Fiji National University campus near the Police post along Natabua Road.”

He said this was the same road used by big trucks coming down from Saru.

“From what some bystand­ers and witnesses told me, he was hit and rolled over by a twin cab, which was allegedly travelling at high speed.”

He raised his concerns of the poor road conditions and some drivers’ lack of responsibility.

“Sometimes cars travel this road from Saru, do so at full-speed, treating this road as a highway without the care in the world for those that are using the same road.”

Mr Boseiwaqa said as sad and heartbreaking the ac­cident may have been for their family, it should be a wake-up call for authorities in taking a look at the Na­tabua road conditions.

“We need humps and ze­bra crossings especially when these roads are run­ning past schools and other learning institutions be­cause I do not want another family or child to face what we are going through right now.”

The parents of the late Josua were in their village of Rokua on Beqa.

A driver was in Police cus­tody for questioning when this edition went to press.






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