Govt’s Agri Millionaire Plan Reaps Rewards for Sawaieke Youths

Govt’s Agri Millionaire Plan Reaps Rewards for Sawaieke Youths The first yaqona harvest by Sawaieke youths in Gau ready to be blessed by the Sawaieke district Chaplain Reverend Tevita Vuniwaqa

Sawaieke youths from Gau, Lo­maiviti, are about to reap the benefit of their hard work.

In 2014 the Commissioner East­ern Luke Moroivalu introduced “the rural millionaire concept” to them.

The concept that was initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture, which helps farmers work on an integrated farming plan that can assist them in becoming million­aires within the period of five to ten years.

Mr Moroivalu said: “Govern­ment, the vanua and the church are involved in this project.”

The Sawaieke youths set a target to plant 1000 yaqona plants each and other crops including vegeta­bles then.

This year, after four years, the yaqona plants were ready to be harvested.

Recently, the youths presented their first harvest to the church to be blessed by Sawaieke district Chaplain Reverend Tevita Vuni­waqa.

How they did it

Mr Moroivalu explained that dur­ing the four years the youths lived a disciplined life.

For them their day begins and ends with a service from the vil­lage and Reverend Vuniwaqa.

eThe village elders were also in­volved and provided support to the youths. The Ministry of Agricul­ture officials would visit and ad­vise the youths on how to maintain their farms.

Mr Moroivalu said the project was not all for money, but really for the holistic development of the youths.

He said the youths embraced the plan wholeheartedly because the villagers needed to fully utilise the land to reach their goal in the next five to 10 years.

Mr Moroivalu will be in Sawaieke at month-end to visit the project.






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