ACP Tudravu: Keep That Vehicle Well

ACP Tudravu: Keep That Vehicle Well Police vehicle and motor cycle drivers during the Fiji Police Defensive Driving Refresher Course at the Fiji Police Academy at Nasese on June 4,2018. Photo: Simione Haravanua

Acting Deputy Commis­sioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu told Police offic­ers to take care on the road after the force dismissed four officers for misconduct.

They were found to have had at­titude problems and while driving they were reckless and drove be­yond the speed limit.

ACP Tudravu was speaking to 55 Police officers who are now author­ised Police drivers with the neces­sary permit cards after undergoing a one-day defensive driving course.

The training, Defensive Driving Refresher Course, was held at the Fiji Police Training Academy in Nasova, Suva yesterday.

ACP Tudravu said: “I just read one appeal from one of our termi­nated drivers trying to come back to the organisation. My hands are tied.

“Whilst we acknowledge your contribution to the organisation, remember keep that vehicle well.”

He said it was the first time in the history of the Fiji Police Force that they had acquired a big number of vehicles.

“It is important for us to have this workshop because you are the very people that would be looking after these valuable assets that has been given to us by the government of the day,” said ACP Tudravu.

Furthermore, ACP Tudravu said that these vehicles are the only means of transport they have to execute their services well to the communities.

He congratulated the officers for being the first batch to be qualified as proper Police drivers.


Director Traffic Senior Superin­tendent Police, Mahesh Mishra said the course was designed for the officers to improve their knowledge of the correct and pro­fessional driving duties.

Additionally, the officers will be taught to ensure the safety of the vehicle. He added another precau­tionary measure for the officers was to refrain from using unau­thorised vehicles for police runs.

This Defensive Driving Refresher course was specifically designed for the Southern and Headquar­ters Police officers.

In total, the Fiji Police Forces ex­pects 737 officers to complete the one-day course.






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