Eight-year-old Boy Dies, Hit Crossing Road

Eight-year-old Boy Dies, Hit Crossing Road A witness of the Khalsa Road accident, Tom Beuto, holds the pair of running shoes of the eight-year-old victim at Khalsa Road on February 2, 2018. Photo: Sheldon Chanel

An eight-year-old school boy became the latest road victim this year after he was hit by a vehicle travelling up Khalsa Road, Nasinu yesterday afternoon.

Police confirmed Samuela Rokoura, 8, died from the injuries he suffered from the accident.

The accident happened while he was crossing the road towards Balabala Crescent from a nearby minimart.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the vehicle that allegedly killed the victim was travelling towards Sawani. Ms  Naisoro said the 40-year-old driver was currently in custody.

“It is extremely unfortunate to record another fatality involving a child and we urge everyone to help keep children safe on our roads,” Ms Naisoro said.

“Parents and guardians must continuously talk to their children about road safety and motorists; to take precautions when passing a parked vehicle especially a bus; drivers to be alert to situations.”

The victim’s mother, after initially agreeing to an interview, refused to speak at the Valelevu health centre where Samuela’s body was being prepared for transfer to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

Wide and teary-eyed, she shook her head when approached through a relative. Tom Beuto, a witness at the scene said the victims’s shoes had been dislodged by the impact of the hit.


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