Woman Quizzed Over Death Of Baby

Woman Quizzed Over Death Of Baby A police officer stand near the bucket where the body was found in Nawaka settlement yesterday. Photo: WAISEA NASOKIA

The decapitated head of a baby being ravaged by dogs was found in a densely populated neighbourhood in Nawaka, Nadi yesterday morning.

The gruesome discovery was made by some children who were near the house where it was found.

However, the whereabouts of the remaining parts of the baby’s body is still a mystery.

Police last night confirmed that a 24-year-old woman, believed to be the baby’s mother, was taken in for questioning.

The gruesome find was initially thought to be part of an animal, but elderly residents, who were called to the scene by the children confirmed the find to be the head of a baby.

It is believed that the baby’s mother is from the neighbourhood.

Ritesh Nadan, 13, who discovered the remains said, “we were playing in our compound when we started to run behind the home and we found the head of the baby.

“Initially we thought it was a knee of a calf. I informed my grandmother and she called the police.”

Nawajikuma Settlement committee secretary Sachin Govind, 42, said, “we have been living here for some time and this incident alone has caused us pain.

“This is a crime that happened to the baby. The baby could have been a day old. This is scary, happening to us.”

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed the discovery.

“I can only confirm the discovery of remains believed to be that of a new-born baby,” she said.

“CSI officials were at the scene. The discovery was made by neighbours who alerted Police after they saw a dog biting the remains.”






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