50 Women Artisans Receive Their Fijian Crafted Licences

50 Women Artisans  Receive Their Fijian  Crafted Licences Litia Vogo Tamanisau received Buy Fijian Made License from Minister for Trade Faiyaz Koya during Fiji National Womens Expo in Suva on June 23, 2018.

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya accredited 50 artisans with their Fijian Crafted licences yesterday.

The licences were distributed at the Fiji National Women’s Expo at the FMF Gymnasium.

Mr Koya said that the artisans’ sheer determination to meet quality standards had enabled them to meet the criteria that qualifies their products to carry the “Fijian Crafted” brand.

“You are all here, proudly representing your vanua, province and communities. At the same time, breaking barriers and setting an example for other women to be successful entrepreneurs,” Mr Koya said.   

With its aim to encourage consumers and organisations to buy Fijian Made goods and services wherever possible, Mr Koya said the Buy Fijian Made campaign had been greatly helped by the well-recognised stylised Fijians.

He said when Fijian made products or services were purchased, it helped to create jobs and promote growth.

It also ensures that the money spent in Fiji stays in Fiji, reinvesting in the economy and the community.

“We must grow our economy and it is through the “Fijian Made” campaign that manufacturers and retailers – large and small – are able to contribute to the economy,” Mr Koya added.

“The Fijian Made certification logo gives everyone the opportunity to easily recognise Fijian produced products or service.”

Since 2015, the Fiji National Women’s Expo awarded 43 Fijian Crafted licences to successful entrepreneurs, while another 83 received theirs in 2017.

Now the Fiji National Women’s Expo has awarded a total of 176 Crafted licences.

He congratulated the Ministry for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation for executing the Fiji National Women’s Expo for four years now.

It has provided Fijian women with a wonderful platform to display their talents and provide them a market.

“When it comes to branding, it is important to leave a long lasting impression on customers,” the minister said.

“A strong brand name and logo, helps to keep the image in the mind of potential customers.

“Therefore, I urge you all to think big and create quality products and brands.

“You need to ensure that your designs and skills will be easily recognised by everyone at all times. For this, you will need a brand.”

The Fiji National Women’s Expo ended yesterday.






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