Philippines kicks out over 2,000 corrupt policemen from force

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has dismissed a total of 2,181 rogue police officers from the force since President Rodrigo Duterte took office in June, 2016, presidential spokesman Harry Roque said on Monday.

"The PNP continues to stand firm in cleansing its rank," Roque told a news conference. He said from July 2016 to July 2018 the PNP has dismissed a total of 2,181 police officers from service, including 1,828 personnel with serious infractions and 353 personnel with involvement in the illegal drug trade.

"This is part of the 6,401 police officers whose administrative cases have already been resolved for various offenses including involvement in criminal activities, grave misconducts, serious neglect of duty, serious irregularity, malversation, dishonesty and graft and corruption," the spokesman said.

Roque said the Duterte administration is bent on instilling discipline in the police organization.

When Duterte took office in June, 2016, he promised to reform the 190,000-strong force, clean up corruption and stamp out criminality.

However, authorities continue to deal with active police officers who are linked to criminal activities.

News reports of policemen linked to kidnapping, drug trafficking, robbery, extortion and other criminal activities continue to hound the police force, spoiling the Duterte administration's campaign to end drug and crime.

Duterte has repeatedly warned policemen to be professional and stay away from activities that will hurt the image and credibility of the police force.

On Aug. 1, Duterte once again warned to terminate policemen involved in criminal activities.

"I promise you that including uniformed personnel, don't get involved in drugs or become murder-for-hire, because I will make you my project,'" Duterte warned in a speech during the 68th National Security Council and 69th National Intelligence Coordinating Agency founding anniversary celebration in Pasay City.

He added, "You can be very sure there will be a project for you and really that is to neutralize or terminate you. If I will not do that, nothing will happen to our country at this time when we are all bombarded with drugs, nobody seems to obey the law."






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