China recalls fake rabies vaccine exports


China has initiated protocols to recall fake rabies vaccines sold in other countries and regions, with Chinese experts saying that China will improve supervision to avoid similar cases.

Based in Northeast China's Jilin Province, Changsheng Biotechnology Corporation violated national regulations in producing rabies vaccines since April 2014. A recall protocol has already been initiated, including notifying other countries and regions about the incident and recalling the vaccines sold there, according to the inspection team sent by the State Council, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday.

"The case has given Chinese vaccines a negative reputation," Zhou Zijun, a professor at Peking University's School of Public Health, told the Global Times on Tuesday.

Foreign buyers, including the World Health Organization, could be more cautious about not only Chinese vaccines, but also Chinese medications in general, Zhou said.

Some vaccine batches were mixed with expired ingredients, and production dates and the batch numbers were inconsistent with the truth, Xinhua reported.

An expert medical team was formed to analyze the incident. They suggest that those who have not completed the vaccination procedure should continue with qualified vaccines at no extra cost. While those who have finished the procedure need not be vaccinated again, they can if they wish, also at no extra cost, Xinhua said.

The inspection team continues to look into the case, as criminal offenses and regulatory responsibilities will be investigated and judged based on the law, Xinhua reported.

"China will improve its supervision of vaccines to avoid similar cases," Zhou asserted.

India is reportedly already recalling the fake vaccines and banning imports following the scandal.

"We have ordered an immediate withdrawal of rabies vaccines manufactured by a Chinese firm for the time being until the investigation on the matter is completed," an Indian government official was quoted by Press Trust of India on August 1.







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