Int'l coalition vows continued coordination to defeat IS

The international coalition against Islamic State (IS) on Tuesday reaffirmed its commitment to continuing coordination to permanently defeat the terror group.

The coalition's foreign ministers made the pledge in the final statement issued after they concluded a meeting in Kuwait City.

The ministers vowed that they will remain vigilant through regional multi-party anti-terrorism institutions, continue to develop along with the nature of the threats, and concentrate on IS and its affiliates, while continuing coordination in an orderly fashion to know best how to respond to threats.

They said the coalition remains committed to continuing its military support to maintain security and stability in the liberated areas in Iraq and Syria.

The coalition will work on bolstering their anti-IS efforts, and prohibiting the comeback of IS through supporting reforms agreed upon in the political and security fields, and through relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

The statement also shed light on IS's deteriorating situation in the past three and half years, as a result of the coalition's efforts to liberate many areas in Iraq and Syria from IS rule, and its increased pressure on IS commanders and leaders on the internet.

It also highlighted the coalition's strategies in fighting IS, which consist of four basic principles, including sustained cooperation and unity within the coalition in confronting IS threats on a global scale.

It added that the core basic method of cooperation among coalition members lies in the coalition's working group, especially the group in charge of combating IS finances.

The foreign ministers' meeting was held as part of the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, which kicked off Monday in Kuwait City.


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