Accused sex abusers stripped from SK textbooks

Three prominent South Korean writers and artists who have been accused of sex abuse will have their works and almost all mentions of their names removed from school textbooks, the government said Thursday, as the country's nascent #MeToo campaign spreads.

A growing number of women have spoken out about abuses that they suffered at the hands of powerful figures in multiple fields, making headlines in a country which remains socially patriarchal despite its economic and technological advances.

Those accused of sexual misconduct include Ko Un, a top poet regularly tipped for the Nobel prize for literature, prominent stage director Lee Yoon-taek and playwright Oh Tae-seok.

Seoul poet Choi Young-Mi accused Ko of sexually abusing many women in literary circles, after publishing a thinly veiled poem "Monster" in which she detailed her experiences at his hands.

Lee is under investigation for raping or sexually harassing more than 10 actresses at his theater group, and Oh is also accused of harassing actresses and students.

The trio's works and almost all 40-odd references to them will be erased from school textbooks, Seoul's education ministry said, describing them as "figures who created social controversy."

Only a few passing mentions of their names will remain, the education ministry said without elaborating further.


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