Online spoofs of revolutionary classics, red heroes removed

The Ministry of Culture on Friday confirmed the launch of a clampdown against online spoofs of revolutionary classics and red heroes after online debate drew attention to the phenomenon last week.

Some 3,898 videos and 165 musical pieces were deleted off 17 Chinese mainstream websites by Tuesday, according to a notice the ministry released on Friday.

The ministry on January 28 met and ordered representatives of 17 websites including Baidu, Sina, Youku and Tudou to investigate and remove all such material, said the notice.

Amusing videos of people performing to the solemn and inspirational tune of the Yellow River Cantata were being disseminated online, The Beijing Times newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Composed by Xian Xinghai in 1939, the Yellow River Cantata is traditionally associated with the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1931-45).

The spoofs reportedly irritated Xian's daughter, who called on society to respect red classics and vowed to sue all those who violated the cantata's copyright, the report said.

"Focusing on the issue of spoof videos of red classics including the Yellow River Cantata and heroic characters, the Ministry of Culture has investigated and arranged a cleanup," the ministry notice said.

The ministry demanded relevant departments "to conscientiously resist such spoof products and spread advance socialist culture."

The ministry also vowed to strengthen monitoring and guidance of websites while demanding they deal with revolutionary works seriously and "respect history, classics and heroes."

Global Times

Newspaper headline: Ministry bans spoof videos of revolutionary classics, heroes


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